Anca McHollister

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Anca McHollister

Anca is a long-time resident of New Westminster, and although she lived elsewhere for several years, she decided to move back to her home city five years ago. She has embraced the vibrant and growing community and has loved discovering new businesses as much as rediscovering long-standing ones. One of her favourite pastimes is walking with her husband on the waterfront, a latté from her favourite coffee shop in hand.

Anca volunteered at the New Westminster Farmers Market last summer and found a new way to connect with others who are passionate about the city and supporting the local food movement. At a time when there was so much uncertainty with the COVID-19 pandemic, Anca’s enthusiasm and positive disposition helped create a welcoming environment for all who attended the market.

Anca joined the Board of Directors in February, and brings over seven years of experience in Human Resources, Finance, and project management. Anca holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from UBC and an HR Diploma from BCIT. She looks forward to helping the Board of Directors reach its strategic objectives over the next year. Anca wishes all staff and volunteers a successful market season!